reading away in vancouver

i'm using buriburi's computer now. he said i should work on my blog while i'm away from home and my children and having relaxed time in vancouver. so here i am...

we are staying at buriburi's friend mark-san's live-in work studio.the whole building is lend to the artists. you need to submit your portfolio with the application. it is located by trainrails and lots of factories. the most dominant building near by was a kind of mysterious for a while. the achetechtual of building is an art school like. but the strange thing about the place is that there is no sign or recognition of what the building for. buriburi then saw there are a few trucks came out of their drive way. they were poultry company trucks. so we figured out that it was chicken slaughter house. we even found feathers by the street. it makes me a little uncomfortable to be around but i don't think about it when i'm in the building.

buriburi took me to the excellent belgium restaurant for dinner tonight. i had the best mussels there. every single bite was so enjoyable. i had a cup of americano at 10pm. my eyes are wide open.

i bought a book "hobbit" to read while my stay here. i'm so drowned into the book. i've read about 100 pages of it. i'll surely continue to read the rest of the series.