pursuing for the best fried chicken

even though we are staying by the chicken slaughter house, i still have a gut to be able to eat chicken. buriburi took me to a nice bar called "alibi room" tonight. by province of British Columbia law, if you serve any type of alchohol, you must serve food as well. so any drinking places serve some kind of food in Vancouver. so i was excited to go to the bar to be able to order something rather than orange juice. the place carries tans of micro-brewed beers, buriburi asked the waiter to ask the bartender to choose good beer for him. he got a glass of beer from Victoria, BC (i forgot what the name of the beer). he said it was very good. we ordered chicken wing and two dips with house-made bread to go with. the place was packed, so it took a while until our food arrived. both dishes are freshly cooked and well prepared. chicken wings are hot and very juicy, just perfectly seasoned. i haven't had a good fried-chicken for long time, so i was quite happy. one of my aims is finding the best fried chicken recipe, so i'm going to think over before i go to bed the dish.

tomorrow morning, buriburi promised me to go to the fabulous used book store. we stopped by for 10 minutes this afternoon, but we ran out of the time. i'm really excited...