exploring the neighborhood

It was Bryn's day off today, so we went to the shrine near by called "KAMIGAMO JINJA"(上賀茂神社). the shrine was acknowledged as the world heritage in 1994. Bryn, his mom, Riku and Mirei took a bus to get there, I took my bike. When we get there, it was around 11am. Nice sunny day, lots of people were already there. We saw at least 3 wedding groups walking around and taking pictures. There are many mini-shrines, a little hill, a small river across the moss-covered ground. Riku and Mirei were enjoyed running around in the huge open space and exploring along the river.

We stayed there until 12:30pm, we walked back to the Misono-Bridge(御薗橋),then headed to the Chinese Restaurant for lunch. The restaurant is on the busy street, always packed. Riku and I went there for lunch once and Riku really liked their ramen. Riku talked about their food all the time. Bryn ordered the restaurant signeture dish "cold noodle"(冷麺). I ordered ramen-set, and fried chiken for Riku, Mirei and for myself, satayed vegetable over-rice for Lynne-san. All the food was really yummy, I enjoyed having ramen-soup, gyoza very much. it was 2530yen all togerther. The restaurant is our first favorite restaurant in the neighbor hood.

Everyone went back home at 1:15pm. I stopped by the toy store and bought POKEMON card for Riku. He has been asking many times since he saw his neighbor children has a stuck of the cards. Then I went to COOP store to shop groceries. I came home, let Riku to do his piano lesson, made dinner, put Mirei down at 7:30pm.

It was a nice day.