I went to see Red Cliff

Bryn and I went to see "Red Cliff" at the Mega movie theater by Nijo station(二条駅). We took a #37 bus to Kitaooji bus Terminal(北大路バスターミナル), got on the Karasuma-line(烏丸線) Subway to Karasuma-Oike(烏丸御池), switch to Tozai-line(東西線). the theater was pretty full, because of the bargain price (1200 yen). we got our seats the third row which is a little too close for me, but didn't bother too much.

The film is based on the famous Chinese novel. I really liked the actors in the film. It was a enjoyable film.

It was hard to find the movie we both want to see. Any foreign movies with Japanese except in English wouldn't work for Bryn. There are a few Independent movie theaters in the city. They are showing great movies all night on weekends. I would love to go there with Bento and tea in a thermos. That's one of the things I want to do in Kyoto.