the one of the day in japan

We got up at 7am. Riku is the one usually rule us when we should leave the futon. Riku usually has his own agenda like which toys he is going to play. while he is playing, i cook breakfast for us. my sister dropped off some stuff I lefted at my parents' house at 11:30am, we headed out for lunch. I was craving for freshly baked bread, we went to the big shopping center just opened last fall. it was less than 10 minutes drive to the mall from the condo. the huge mall is meant for the young family, there are quite a few playing rooms for the young children. they rent out the carriers that has animation caractors on the side, such as Thomas the Steam Engine, Pocket Monster and Hello kitty. Riku was on his stroller, so Riku was not happy about it. the mall is almost as big as the Stonestown in San Francisco. We wnet to the restaurant that the servers bring baked bread that just came out from the oven over to the table. Riku had some running time in the mall after the meal. My sister had to go home to study, Riku and I took the subway (Midousuji-line) to Tennouji. the big sale was starting this morning at Kintetsu Department Store. riku fell sleep immidiately after we said good bye to my sister. i could look around the store peacefully. We went back Sakai City at 4:30pm. We stopped by at the supermarket in the apartment building to buy some groceries and Riku's dipers. We had dinner at 6:30pm, watched "Castle in the Sky" on TV and went to bed at 8:45pm.

Riku and I have been staying at my mother's condo since we came back. My sister had moved away, so we are kind of isolated from my family. My sister is taking an important exam for her carrier on the 22nd and 23rd. Riku and I are trying not to disturb her much.

Riku is having a skin condition since we came back, I am going to take him to the clinic tomorrow morning. We have to pick up the insurance card at my parents' house before hand, so we need to leave home at 8am. it is a popular clinic, we should expect at least an hour wait. Let's see if Riku can handle it...