going to the clinic

i took riku to the clinic this morning. i wanted to leave nice and early to avoid long wait at the clinic, but riku didn't wake up until 7:30am. we left at 8:50am, took taxi to my parents' house to pick up our insurance card. but unfortunatelly, my father took it his home lastnight and hasn't arrived yet. so i paid the taxi driver and let him go, and waited for my father for 5 minutes. my sister offered us a ride to the clinic after i got the card. we arrived there at 9:50am. there were not too many people in the waiting room, so we waited for 30 minutes which is relatively short time. riku went through all the behicles books in the room, and flirt to the other patients and nurses. when we entered the check up room, riku sensed that it might not be fun place to be. he started crimbing up on me and trying to hide from the doctor. he fighted to take off his shirt very hard, the doctor just pulled up his shirt and check his skin. i got prescriptions from the doctor, we went in the phamacy next door to get some cream and sylop for him.

i phoned my mother and told her we were coming along. riku fell asleep on the way. i drooped of the insurance card and left my aprents house.