sushi boat

my family went to the family graves this morning. my father picked us at the condo, then picked my mother and my sister at their house, then drove to the restaurant called "geko-tei" for branch. they are famous for thier freshly cooked white rice. they use the tradisional pot to cook rice. they have various kind of small dishes at the counter, you pick up whatever you like and order rice and miso soup before you sit down. they cook the japanese omulette at hte counter constantly which is very tasty and fruffy. my family, espacially my parents go there frequently. they have the tatami roomin the back, so we sat there with another young family. we got a grilled yellewtail, kabocha squash, cooked redsnapper row with morntain potatoes, fried chickens, an omlette, marinated nappa-flower, potato salad and miso soup. everything was really tasty. the owner is very skinny guy, cooks rice all day long. he has huge collections of books in the back of the restaurant, full of russian letarature. riku was asleep almost whole time we were there, so my parents bought him fresh rice, omlette and kabocha squash. he ate them in the car.

every 15th of january, we have to change the frower at the graveyard from new year one to the regular one. we cleaned up the graves, gave fresh water and flower to each ones. riku broke one of the cups for the graves. i was glad that my mother was staying in the car at the time... i will update the photos later on.

we went to the coffee house near my parents' house. they only have the counter seats. i had an assam tea, riku had a buttered toast and yogult drink. my father got coffee, my mother got tea with milk and my sister got a coffee jelly with icecream.they served everything perfectly.

my father dropped us to the my parents', my faher went back to the old house. my cousin chika-chan's mother called and said, she wants to bring some flower that from my grand mother's hometown over. chika-chan and her parents came over around 3 o'clock with freshely-baked cheese cake. we had it with dajeeling tea. cheese cake was fruffy and moist. it was still warm and very tasty. riku was so excited to see them. so he missed his nap time.

they went home at 5:30pm. my father came over at 6, we went to the sushi boat for dinner. everything except a few dishes is 100 yen each there, so very popular with the families and young people. we had to wait for 20 minutes to get in, riku was running around the waiting area the whole time. a lot of dishes i like were sold out, so i was a little disappointed. rike had a raw-prawn, fatty tuna, omlette sushi and udon noodles.

we came home, riku had a little playtime, and he went to mad at 8:30pm. he had a busy day.