a short trip to kyoto


riku and i went to see the exhibition at national modern art museum in kyoto. they started showing "kusama yayoi" the contrivacial japanese female artist's work from a couple days ago. i checked the weather report in kyoto this morning, it seemed like the weather was the best of next 3 days. so i decided to take a little trip. i did laundry and a little cleaning the apartment in the morning, we had early lunch home at 11:30am. we left at almost noon. kyoto is in the valley, 2~3 degree cooler than osaka. we put extra layer of clothes. riku quickly fell sleep as soon as we got on the train. we got off at "osaka" station and took the kyoto line. we switched the line once more at "yamashina" station passed "kyoto". it was the municipal subway line called "touzai-line" which means "east-west". riku woke up light before the we got on. we got off at "higashiyama" station, we went up the street, walked about 5 minutes. the museum is next to the big shrine called "heian-jinguu" which has a huge gate. it had been 8 years since i went there last time. even though it was on weekday, the gallarry was pretty crowded with young people. they have the installation on the stairway as well, so i grabbed riku on the stoller. and got down. we stay at the rest area, and looked up the seiling for a while. riku seemed excited to see the staff, he pointed and asked what they were on the wall, on the floor. he was saying "kirei" (beautiful), "kurai" (dark), "kowai" a lot the whole time. his favorite piece was the artist's signeture piece "yellow pampkin painting". i bought the postcard that the piece is on for him at the gift shop. we had a fun time there. i didn't want be caught in the rush hour, we quickly left kyoto. we got home at 6:30pm. my sister picked me up at the builing entrance and her boyfriend met up downstairs. it was a nice surprise for riku. we went to the yakitori (skewed-grilled chicken) restaurant. we had 50 pieces of various kind of grilled chicken. we came back to my parents' house tonight. i am planing to see "mr. incredeble" dubbed in japanese at the theater in sakai city with riku tomorrow afternoon.