quick visit to my grand mother

my sister had a day off from her work. it is her last day she can study for the whole day.

my sister picked us up at the apartment at 12:30pm. we went to a thai restaurant which we have been before 3 years ago for lunch. the restaurant is one of two thai restaurant in sakai city. the other one is more well run, this one is run by a little odd thai lady who doesn't speak japanese well. she runs the owner, cook and server. i saw the sign that hiring waiters that letters are fading away. it seems like up there forever, at least a couple years. she serve "all you can eat" for lunch time, so we were expecting that was our lunch for the day. when we got there at 1:30pm, no customer was there. there were only the mama-san (the owner) and the 5 month-old baby in the restaurant. mama-san said all the food for the buffet was gone. we were disappointed espacially my sister, but we desided to stay. we ordered a spring roll dish, pat thai and chicken and basil satee over rice. all the dishes were delicious but potion was japanese size. my sister ordered a bowl of rice. mama-san brought a small bowl of red curry on the house and two tapioka deserts to us. my sister fell better after all.

riku and i went to see my grand mother.