monkfish liver

today is the last day without r & m in vancouver. we will meet them up at buriburi's old school playground at 10:15am tomorrow.

we woke up around 7pm, becouse that is when mark's alarm buzzed. mark offered me making breakfast, i asked him for a couple of toasts. i had a few pieces of chicken wings from last night with it. buriburi worked until 10:40am, then we left mark's apartment for root's factory store. i exchanged a hoodie for riku to bigger size, and we bought some cute pink clothes for mirei. after that, we went to cantonese restaurant called "kirin" for dim sum lunch. we were brought to the smaller room. there were a group of 15 people, 4 groups of 2~3 people in the room. buriburi was the only non-asian in the entire room. one of the 6 dishes i ordered was duck feet (8 pieces!!) by mistake. buriburi just refused to touch it, so i finished them all. the food was superb, genelous amount and only $35 with tip. we headed over to downtown for the used bookstore we went briefly yesterday. we spent over one hour, but decided to buy none. (i figured out that they are most likely cheaper online) we went to the art gallery for tea and cake at their lovely cafe, also bought a membership for mark as thank you gift. we still ahd a little time, we walked around the court building. we headed back to the parking at 4:30pm, drove to the big canadian chain bookstore. we bought a gift for buriburi's aunt and uncle, then peeked an bookstore called "oskar's bookstore" which specialized in art books. i was amazed by their cerections, but again, didn't buy any. we stopped by the restaurant we were having dinner and made reservation for 7pm and we headed back to mark's,