sushi boat

Yesterday morning, I went to see the dermatologist in the city. My sister drove us to my parents' house, I took my mom's bike to the clinic. My sister had to do some paperwork in her room, my mom was taking care of Riku until I got back. I came back around noon, then my mom took us to the restaurant near by for lunch. My mom went to work, my sister drove us back to the apartment and she took off to a family reaturant to do more work. Riku went to sleep as soon as we got home, I did laundry and a little clean-up.

My sister, Riku and I went to a sushi boat restaurant for dinner. They had monthly and daily spacials on menu, I had two pieces of "real red-snapper with skin". Most regular ones come with 2 pieces, but a little pricy one comes only one piece each. It was really good. when you don't see what you want, you can order through intercom which is at the each table. They sold out after we ordered two of these. Then I saw the one seemed like the very last piece on the boat, so I grabbed it and gave to her. Riku had a small bowl of udon noodles, a little fish and a mango pudding. It was fun dinner.