god of business

riku sprincled some water on the key pad last night. 10 of them are not functioning now, so i can only update my diary whenever i stay over aat my parents' and my sister's house.

riku and i came o my parents' house this afternoon. my sis was at work, my parents took us to the "Ebisu Matsuri". it is the festival that people wishes the good businesses for the year. almost everyone who own the businesses go to the surine which espacially takes care of the god of business of 12 gods. it is regional thing only within osaka. it was chilly day, riku was on the stroller while time, he fell asleep for 40 minutes. he fussed a little when we were in the heart of the shrine, and i didn't notice when one of his shoe came off. it was one of the coldest day, so we dashed back home as soon as we got stuff we needed. riku was still sleeping when we came home, so we left him b the door. then i realized that one of his shoe was missing. my father went back all way and looked, but no luck. it is too bad that we lost the nice new shoe. we brought another pair for back up, but i don't know if they still fit riku's feet. we will go home early and see if they do.

riku has a haircut appointment at 1:30pm tomorrow. we are going back to the partment and to see if riku's old shoes still fit, if they don't, will stop by at the department store to buy a pair.

my camera is also not functioning, i will borrow my sister's and will up the riku's new look.