going to the zoo

riku woke up at 9pm this morning. he went to bed at 8:30pm last night and woke up midnight and stayed up til 2:30pm. we had scrambled eggs, tomatoes, toast and oranges for branch. my cousin chika-chan and my uncle picked us up at 1pm. we headed over to the tennouji zoo.

riku had a little nap on the way, and he woke up when we got to the garage. riku was excited to see the elephants which we can not see in north america anymore. the zoo spent a lot of money to built a nice home for their two elephants. they are asian elephants both are female. one of them is 47, the other one is 36 years old. we managed to see them their dinner time. they started from bananas and apples, then potatoes, seet potatoes and carrots. they desert were fresh and dried grass. their home is the nicest one i have ever seen. so hopefully it has been working for them well.

riku ran around the zoo, my uncle was taking care of him a lot. so i had a relaxed time for a while. he let riku to ride the mini thomas the steam engine train once, riku really liked it. he had a had time to leave from there... riku liked gilaffes very much. they were in the feeding room when we saw them. the room was heated comfortablly. unfortunately, the only polar bear they had died last year. he was 25 years old. it was sad to see the enpty home. japan monkeys were having health check, so we could to see them today. when we were about to leave, the zoo worker ojisan asked us if riku is a boy. he looked around to make sure no one was around and took the photo out of his pocket. he said that is for riku. it was a picture of the tiger when he was a baby. very cute picture. riku fell asleep immedietely after we got on the car. he fussed a lot, but he had a great day.