trip to kobe


My sister, Riku and I went to Kobe today. I hadn't been there for 11 years. The city has surely been changed different ways. We parked the car right center of the city called "Motomachi" then we went to Chinatown. It was 1pm on Monday, crowded with many young people. We walked around to check the restaurants around in town. There are many food booths that serve noodles, dumplings, buns, potstickers, the all the dim sum dishes for cheap. Riku was getting frastrated, so we picked the place and went in. I ordered tiny fried rice comes with ramen, my sister ordered seafood chow main. After we told the wait person what we wanted, we found out that the restaurant is famous for the dim sum dishes. So we ordered pork dumplings (Shau-ron pao). all the food was super yummy. Riku had noodles, bok suey, babycorns and almond tofu. After we had lunch, we blowsed around for an hour. I bought a China suit for Riku at the cute Chinese clothing store. Riku was guite intrigued by the colorful staff they had in the store. We shared a mango softcream and a pork bun, my sister had three pieces of fried chicken while we were polking around. the mango softcream was superb. Just amazingly tasty. Riku grabbed the cone and didn't give us back. Then we went to the trendy area to look for something nice for my mother's birthday. We went in the very cute store which has the main store in Daikanyama in Tokyo. We bought a ring and a neckless for my mom as gift. They had many cute clothes and accesaries. After that, we went to the park by the port. Riku was happiely running around and checked out the trees. we spent an hour over there, we went to anather shopping area which is under the train rail. there are hundreds varied stores. We walked back to "Motomachi", we went in the Daimaru department store for some sweets. They have coinlockers which have the refdirating function. You can store food you bought and go for shopping upstairs.