one day trip to Nara

Today's two main events were:

  1. go to Nara to meet my aunt
  2. cook dinner for my parents

I woke up at 3:15am this morning. I got up and started cooking pork dish which is called buta no kakuni(豚の角煮). It should be cooked least 3 hours. This is my sister and my father's one of their favorite dishes. I did laundry while I was boiling the meat. I went back to sleep at 6am until 6:45am. My sister played "Spirits Away" DVD while we are having breakfast. Riku was really into it. My aunt called, she wanted to know if we are coming to Nara. we left home at 12am, and we got Kintetsu Nara station at 1pm. My aunt was waiting fo us at the station. she took us to the noodle restaurant, Riku and I shared Unagi-donburi and Wakame-udon lunch set. After that, we headed over to Nara-park (奈良公園). Riku was running around the park from the other side to another for an hour. There were only 6-7 deer in the park. I didn't worried too much about riku been attacked by them. We walked around the city and went to the Mitsui-Garden Hotel by the JR Nara starion. My aunt bought me a glass of grapefruit juice and we sat by the bakery in the hotel. My aunt came into the station and helped me to take some stuff down the the plat-home. When we said bye- bye to my aunt, Riku was sad, but eventually waived her back. Riku was very chatty on the way home, but I couldn't be awake to be listening to him. It seems like the other people in the train were his listeners for a while.

We came home at 5:30pm. I rinced sorked rice, chopped, peeled and cooked Kabocha-squash, made marined Tomato, star-fried sliced lotus-root, prepared tofu and mizuna salad and re-heated and sliced the pork. My parents came over at 7:10pm. We started dinner at 7:20pm. They liked the pork dish a lot. They left here at 8:30pm. Riku went to bed at 8:45pm.

I am tired, too. I will go to bed early tonight.