another day away from r & m

i had a quite strong tea at 9:30pm, so i'm widely awake again. buriburi is reading the latest issue of giant robot magazine which i bought at national art gallery yesterday. mark is working on his own coding project. we are listening to granddaddy. i'm quite enjoying the music now.

buriburi and i just came back from the movie. we watched "vicky cristina and barcelona", the woody allen's latest movie. i didn't really want to see woody allen's movie because his last one was disappointing, but buriburi insisted. it turned out that was surprisingly enjoyable.

buriburi invited me to his work-related lunch with two women, one of them is a his crient/friendship in progress and her assistant today. we went to the modern indian restaurant. the samosa was pretty good. after the meeting, her assistant left for her another meeting, buriburi went back to mark's to do some work. anna-mari,